Saturday Night Live on the Cock Commercial Contest, Get Free Minutes!

Put on Your Creativity Cap and Get Free Phone Sex with Mistress

It’s that time of year that Mistress is hosting the contest for commercials for my Saturday Night Live on the Cock Radio Show!  Everyone that enters wins!  Just for entering you will received 10 free minutes, and if there are 15 contestants I will make it 15 free minutes with me!  The first prize winner will win an additional 45 minutes, and the second place winner will receive an additional 30 minutes!  You can enter as many times as you want, but you will only receive 10 free minutes, or 15 minutes if there are 15 people that enter!

Rules of Engagement

1.  You must say in the commercial that your product, or whatever your advertising is a “Proud Sponsor of Ms Ann’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE ON THE COCK radio show!”

2.  Audio must be at least 20 seconds, and no longer than 3 minutes.

3.  Must have the audio sent to Me at by May 20 at Midnight in order to participate in contest  and receive free minutes.  The winner will be announced on May 25, 2013, during Saturday Night Live on the Cock, beginning at 11pm EST.  You can start sending the audios to Mistress anytime!

4.  Audio must be in mp3 format.

5.  Get creative! Make up a product, a place or thing!

6.  Mistress has final say and may change or add rules as needed.

Come Join the Fun on Saturday Nights!

Come and join the live interactive show on Saturday nights at 11pm EST.  I will be playing past commercials from the last contest if you want/need ideas of how some were done last time.  If you have skype and have made a call to LDW before you are welcome to get on the air, and join in on the live conversation with Mistress and the other kinksters!


Mistress Ann


International Bubble Bath Day!

Stroke it up and clean it up!

It’s International Bubble Bath Day! I challenge all you cock strokers to change your same ole same ole stroking techniques and jump in a nice warm bubble bath and stroke away.   Here’s your assignment if you decide to accept it:

1.  Pour a generous amount of bubble bath under running warm water in a bath tub.

2.  Sit down in the tub, lean back and relax.  Think of Mistress watching you as I begin to command you.

3.  Pour a little bit of the bubble bath in your hand, and begin to stroke your cock with it. (Stroke it nice and slow)

4.  Reach down between your legs and caress your balls.  Gently cup them, then release and cup again.

5.  Back to stroking that cock.  Stroke just the top half.  Stroke 10 times on the top half, and then slide your hand all the way down your cock for 5 full strokes.

6. Rinse. Repeat. Get out of the tub and call Mistress to finish!  Will Mistress allow you to cum? ~wicked laugh~

Everyone that calls Mistress today to celebrate International Bubble Bath Day, and see if you get to cum or not will receive an erotic audio of Mistress taking a VERY detailed erotic bubble bath.  You must mention this blog post AND leave a comment!

Remember what Confucius say:

Man should learn to masturbate … come in handy!

Special thank you to kindlicious for the great smelling bubble bath that you got Mistress!  Hmmmm, now which one to use to celebrate International Bubble Bath Day?