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Crossdressing for fun and date night for some!

Sissy Training Mistress Marlowe (800) 601-6975Let’s talk about crossdressing for a bit. I mean it’s friggin awesome! You get to show off your style be it slutty or sweet or even in between! I mean fashion is limitless, and style is unique for all. There’s nothing like talking as girlfriends and comparing fashion tips and ideas!  Or dressing up together and showing off our new looks and of course going shopping together! I love my crossdressing companions!! But

Crossdressing Sissy sluts love dressing up too!

Don’t get me wrong I’m all about dressing up for fun/ personality switches. However there’s something delightfully twisted about a sweet crossdressing sissy slut getting all dolled up for her man! Going shopping with your Mistress Marlowe and picking out the perfect outfit for Daddy ( hehe). Dressing up and making it real for him showing him that you can be the woman of his dreams ( or wet dreams lol). Though some of you don’t have a man and need one. Therefore…

Get up and get dressed and go find a man!!

If you don’t have a man then dressing up will most definitely help you find one! Additionally the sexier you are and staying true to who are, both will attract the man you’re looking for. And let’s be clear most of you are cock whores looking for a different man every time you dress up! But some of you just want someone that you can share your life with (awwww so sweet). Finally and…

Most importantly!

Do it for yourself dammit!! Seriously who cares who you impress or not. At the end of the day it’s all about you being yourself and living your best life! Hell, dress it up and have a Girl Partyyyyy! Furthermore be sure to remember…

Mistress Marlowe knows best and No always means Yes!!!