Those who love Cock…

Suck Cock for Mistress Anna (800) 601-6975Must practice and thus complete your Daily Cocksucker’s Task!  This isn’t open for debate, nor is it open for compromise! A real cocksucker must master the art to give the best blowjob every single time. No exceptions! And don’t even think you have this in the bag already because you can always learn more from a Mistress.  Also, I would require you to “put your money where your mouth is” Pun Intended!

To be a good Cocksucker, you must do the following:

1. Get a big cock/ dildo to practice with daily (preferably a big black one).

2. Make sure to start by sucking the tip of the cock.

3. Be sure to use lots of tongues when performing the perfect blowjob.

4. Master the art of deep-throating. A real cocksucker knows that having a gag reflex can be both good and evil (ask me when you call for clarification).

5. Always remember to moan! Moaning is essential! It displays enthusiasm and shows how much you enjoy sucking cock!

In Conclusion…

I hope my sound advice helps those of you who are looking to perform at your best when you have the privilege of… Sucking cock!  Mistress Marlowe is only a phone call away.  If you can’t call free to find me on Skype, or heck send me a friggin email. What I’m trying to say is, I will always be available for my true and aspiring cock whores. I aim to please, but most importantly, I train to please! That’s my specialty.


Remember, practice makes perfect! There’s only room for improvement, and that can only be achieved by completing the Daily Cocksucker’s Task!  Again, there are no exceptions and no room for compromise! A cock doesn’t deserve teeth, only a wet and willing mouth is desired.

Mistress Marlowe knows best, and No always means Yes!